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Hindi Semantics

Hindi Semantics

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  • Year: 2010
  • Binding:  Hardbound
  • Language:  English
  • Publisher:  Lokbharti Prakashan
  • ISBN 13: HS124
    The object of this treatise to sketch a provisional plan in a domain which has not yet been exploited, and demands the combined labour of several generations of philogists in Hindi. It is the first study of its kind in this language which has come to occupy an important status as the lingua franca of India and which has been recognised as an advanced literary language. The most important feature of present work is to explain the genius of Hindi. But it also offers several observations on the general science of meaning and raises a large number of questions connected with various lingusitic subject. This work boldly advanced a number of theories, mostly original, and used the material from Hindi language and literatures for purposes of illustration. It will be of equal use to a specialist as well as a layman. Semantics and Grammer are inter-related. Grammer explain what is a correct sentence. But Semantics tells us the full significance of a sentence, with all is implication. There are in every language, idioms and phrases which are grammatically inocrrect but semantically most expressive. A study of meaning will revise not a few of our grammatical notions, and in no department of linguistics, perhaps is this revision more needed. The treatment of Semantics undertaken in the present study is linguistic rather than philosophic. It comprehends the following problems- (1)Semantic sources, (2) Semantic categories and (3 Semantic values. Semantic sources may be phontic, morphological and stylistic. ‘Semantikos’ is a Greek word derive from ‘sema’ (sign) going back to the Indo-European dheie (to see), which is paralleled by OIA dhyanam (introspection) and the reduplicated form in Persian ‘didan’ (to see). A ‘sign’ in the sense implies somethings which attracts the eye. In language it has come to mean a word, which is the symbol of expression, the symbol denoting an object. Semanatics as a branch of linguisties deals with the word as a symbol, with its symbolic values or meanings. If properly applied, Semantics can unfold a vast amount of material for historical research. The evolution of meaning, the distinction of words, the richness of expression, the trend of semantic change the usage and the ¬style of a language, all show the various aspects of the culture of its speakers. In ancient times, Semantics was considered an important item of grammer. Semnatics, as the historical science of Lexicograhpy, Grammer, Philosophy, Poetics and Stylistics.

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