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Ramcharitmanas : Ocean of Science

Ramcharitmanas : Ocean of Science

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  • Pages: 104p
  • Year: 2013, 1st Ed.
  • Binding:  Hardbound
  • Language:  English
  • Publisher:  Lokbharti Prakashan
  • ISBN 13: 9788180317415
    Goswami Tulsi Das has written Ramcharimanas Mahakavya, a comprehensive book which is the gist of all the six Shasrtas, Nigamas, Agamas, Puranas and other sciencificaly rich spiritual books, but concentrated on Lord Rama. He was a saint and well wisher of the whole world, thus opted strongest tool of performance SCIENCE for well being of the globe. His means of presentation was language of the common people and mode was poietic. So that without stress reader could read it with joy and the audience could rqualy participate and get tremendously benefitted. In the very first Shloka of the book Tulsi appreciated Scientises & expressed confidene in Science. Similarly he ends his book with the Science while mentioning in the last Shloka for being lucky to deal with Science. Tulsi Das has strong belief in science, treating nonliving and living equal but assigned very clear superiority to human. Scientises top on hierarchy among human being indicates his vision. Very distinctly he spelled the 'KARMA' REACTION, 'MAYA' and denotesd it as the very basis of all happenings in the world besides its sole contribution in the evolutinary process. Also he designated 'Energy' as the central single component of worldly affairs in conjunction with different reactanes under various physico-chemical states. God Particle has been placed very significantly, several nemes are assigned to it for the very purpose of explaining its omniscient and omnipotent nature. Tulsi Das could successfully establish the GOD PARTICLE, its role in genesis of the globe, origin of life, relationship between non-living and living by conjugation of energy and carbon, evolutionary process and supremacy of God Particle as compared to all other living beings. In Furtherence the application of science and technology is explained in detail. In physical science; RADAR, Missiles, acrial vehicles, drones, sensored arrows, bridge engineering, forecasing system etc. are described. However, in biological science starting from various aspects of encironment, pollution control, biodiversity, tissus system, cell biology. Mendel's law of inheritance, crossing over, chromosomal hybridization, molecular biology etc. are dealt with in brief. संत सरल पित जगत हित। राम राज नभगेस सुनु सचराचर जग माहिं। काल कर्म स्वभाव गुन कृत दुख काहुहि काहिं।। It appears that the very object sct by Tulsi was to establlish 'RAM RAJ', the stage of democracy in which no body ever attains the state of sorrow, inrespective of time, its dceds, habits and arrtibutes.

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